It's been a while...

I care a great deal about what I do. When I started "Moda Casual" back in 2010 on the advice of my now husband, I did so with the conviction that one day I would become my daily driver. At that time I was still worker in the financial sector really long hours. That was certainly not my idea of fulfillment. That feeling is as true today as it was back them... I guess I'm never going to give up on wielding dreams into solid reality.

“Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it's very hard to fail completely” - Larry Page

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Sharon Pate said...

Your closing summary is so true. I feel the exact same way. Your outfit is lovely. I love this layered look and the color of your cardigan is beautiful. I am not sure if you are interested but I would love to follow each other on Google + and maybe Bloglovin. Visit my blog if you want to and let me know. I wish you the best. Have a great weekend.


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